Watch: Saudi TV Network Aires Hilariously Accurate Sketch Mocking Joe Biden

It's not just people in the United States who know that Joe Biden is a complete joke of a leader. Everyone in the world can sense not only his weakness, but also how old and crazy the old bat is.

If you say something bad about him on TV or on social media in the United States, you're likely to be censored because they don't want their dear leader to be talked about in a bad way. Even though they know he's a joke, they don't want to hear it.

There are a lot of places that don't hold back when they make fun of him. One of these places is Saudi Arabia, which recently aired a sketch that made fun of him on state-run TV. That means their government is paying for them to make fun of the man, which is bad...but good at the same time. So that should be enough to tell you what they really think about him.

In the comedy sketch on MBC's "Studio 22" show, which aired Monday, Biden's character appeared sleepy and forgetful, wandering offstage before being tugged back by a likeness of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden is then seen confusing Spain and Africa, forgetting Russian President Vladimir Putin's name, and mistakenly calling Harris his "first lady." The sketch then ends with the Harris character dragging the sleeping Biden character off stage.

Take a look at the sketch:

The world is mocking us, yet this is what the Democrats wanted. They couldn't possibly have not known that this was to come. Their hatred for President Trump is just that fierce that they would rather tank the entire country than to live and thrive in a Trump economy because they hate the man so much.

According to Business Insider,

The Biden skit is also notable given it comes at a time when relations between Saudi Arabia and the US are at rock bottom.

In an interview with The Atlantic magazine published last month, MBS made clear his view of Biden, saying he didn't care what the US president thought of him.

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, MBS reportedly ignored Biden's phone calls. Biden had hoped to get Saudi Arabia to produce more oil to make up for the impact of the US ban of Russian oil imports.

Though the US and Saudi Arabia became close partners following the discovery of oil in the Gulf in the 1950s and worked together to combat extremism following the September 11, 2001, attacks, many in the US political and business communities blacklisted Saudi Arabia after the 2018 murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Blacklisting Saudi Arabia was fine when we didn't have to depend on other countries like them for oil, but now that Biden screwed that up, he's screwed us all.

Photo Credit: YouTube/HM Media & News

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