WATCH: Pathetic Display of Support As 35 People Gather to Greet Man Who Won 81 Million Votes

I still sometimes mind myself in astonishment as just how brainwashed some liberals are.

Just think, there are people out there who actually believe that Joe Biden is the most popular president ever, winning 81 million votes.

It's honestly the most insanely wild thing that has ever happened in this country in modern times.

An election was very literally st0len after President Trump was in a very commanding lead on election night.

Then, there was a serious of the most suspicious things ever that happened which gave Biden a boost and propelled him ahead of President Trump in all of the states that counted.

The proof that he is not popular has been everywhere. During his little rallies, there would be one or two dozen people there. Meanwhile, President Trump would be holding rallies with hundreds of thousands of people in attendance.

During the inauguration, there was nowhere near the number of people attending that attended President Trump's or Barack Obama's inaugurations. Of course, they just chalked it up to ȻOVID.

Even today, this is still happening. At any given moment, you can go to the White House YouTube channel and see that every single video has far more dislikes than likes.

Over the weekend, Biden visited on the states that he "won", to visit a cherry farm in Antrim County, Michigan. There was a crowd of people who welcomed him as he visited. The sad part though is that this crowd was only about 30-35 people.

However, President Trump is still holding rallies with tens of thousands of people attending.

Again, nobody will every convince me that Joe Biden won the election. There is just too much evidence to the contrary and too many coinidences that took place, and too many stars that had to align perfectly for him to have won. There was literally a better chance of you winning the Powerball than him winning the election after being behind as much as he was.

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