WATCH: Parents Targeted by School Board, Tries Convincing Man He's Racist

It's sad that our government want us to be racist. Not just white people, not just black people, they want every single person to be racist. If they can't convince you that you're a racist, then they want others to believe that you're racist.

This is how they keep us divided and further their ultimate agenda of gaining control.

It's not just big brother that wants us to be racists, it's the public school system (which of course if run by the government) want you to be one also.

The whole system is rigged and I can't say enough that the best thing that we can do as Americans to give our children the best future is to remove them from the public school system.

In the public schools, they will only be fed propaganda about everything from a godless, atheistic worldview where they are nothing more than stardust -- random bits of material in motion bumping into one another with not meaning whatsoever; all the way to things like critical race theory and why every white person is a racist and why black people can't be racist.

We've seen how various cities and states across the U.S. have adopted the teaching of critical race theory and have been introducing it into their schools even. It used to just be taught in certain trainings for certain professions, but now, it's happening in elementary schools even.

When President Trump was in office, he actively worked toward eliminating critical race theory because it is racist, but now that Biden is in office, he has reinvigorated the teaching.

A private parents education-reform group in Loudoun County, Virginia, says they’re being targeted for their opposition to racial equity education in schools.

The group, Loudoun Parents for Education, says parents, teachers and “six-out-of-nine” Loudoun County school board members are part of a closed Facebook group titled “anti-racist parents of Loudoun County,” which is doing the targeting. The group reportedly has over 600 members.

“There was a solicitation by one of the members of this group to target people that had opposed the school’s commitment to critical race theory concepts,” said Ian Prior, spokesperson for Loudoun Parents for Education.

And guess what...we have proof of this sort of nonsense being taught on video.

Photo Credit: Ivan Radic

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