WATCH: OANN Reporter RUINS Liberal Reporter's Day “You’re Upset About This? I Don’t Care!”

Last week, you may recall the smackdown that occurred between former Georgia Representative Vernon Jones and an incompetent liberal reporter after she asked a very dumb question and got put in her place.

If you didn't see it, check it out below.

However, apparently the reporter, Jen Fifield, must have been complaining to one of the other reporters who was there, OANN's Christina Bobb. But Christina didn't care a single bit and didn't feel one bit sorry for this liberal, especially since her network as well as other liberal networks are on the constant attack against Christina.

So when Fifield was complaining, Bobb responded:

"When are you going to say something to Buzzfeed, CNN, WAPO, Daily Beast? You’re upset about this? Go talk to your peers who do this to me every f**king day. I don’t care."

This was absolutely humiliating for Fifield and I bet she considered quitter her job after this little incident.

Here is the interaction that happened shortly before this took place.

Jones: Why did you ask me who’s funding it then?

Reporter: I was setting up my question.

Jones: So let me say this whoever’s funding it, is it taxpayer’s dollars? Have you done your research?

Reporter: There is $150k coming from taxpayer money.

Jones: Taxpayers. So private money is private money. They can do what they want. Have they broken the law?

Reporter: I did not say that. No.

Jones: No, no. Okay, I’m just asking you have they broken the law on whose funding what? Have they broken the law? Ma'am I'm just asking you have private investors who invest in this, have they broken the law?

Reporter: *Looks at Christina Bobb*

Jones: No don’t look at her, look right here. Did they broken the law? all I’m asking ma’am I want to be very respectful, here is my question, when you mention who’s funding this audit and you said private people including OAN right?

Reporter: And the audit has not been clear about this funding.

Jones: Okay. But whoever's funding it if it's private dollars is that illegal?

Reporter: If private money is paying for a public audit, I don’t know if that breaks any laws or not.

Jones: If private money is paying for a public audit? *Laughs* Okay, I'll take the next question.

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