Watch: Non-Binary Teacher’s Radical Video Shows Why America Needs Laws Even Tougher Than Florida

The United States is currently immersed in a contentious argument about teaching sexual themes to young children in schools. It may be the most polarizing argument the country has seen in years. It will be a hot topic ahead of the midterm elections in 2022.

The conflict centers on elementary school students in kindergarten through third grade. The state of Florida is at the center of this simmering debate. Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed HB 1557 into law. The bill is called the “Parental Rights in Education Bill.”

The title stands for exactly what the bill does. It’s binding legislation that makes it against Florida law to teach Kindergarten through third-graders about gender identity or sexual orientation. However, the radical left, referring to it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, has hijacked the new law.

Nowhere in the bill’s text is the word “gay” even mentioned. This common sense and publicly supported legislation, has nothing to do with what the radical left is saying it does. Their narrative is a feeble excuse to push for a radical invasion of our children’s learning.

The majority of Americans believe that teaching young children about sex in the classroom is an indefensible argument. Virtually all the resistance is coming from radical, far-left freaks. A leaked video by a Disney executive discloses how far these fanatics will go to pervert society.

Executive producer Latoya Raveneau boasted of her “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” Disney’s extremist ideology was further exposed by the proclamation that she tried to “insert queerness” into children’s animation. This is not your grandfather’s Wonderful World of Disney.

Parents are appalled. However, these examples of extremists trying to force their minority views on the majority are not uncommon. Again, the most radical beliefs are being spewed by a few. The Gateway Pundit reported on another illustration of how freakish these people are.

A video posted by a self-proclaimed non-binary teacher was recently posted online. This young school teacher went online to vilify Florida’s HB 1557. As an American citizen, this green-haired transgender person has the right to disagree.

However, engaging in productive debate is not what this person did. His (or her) point of view was even more radical. The non-binary elementary teacher thinks that 3-year-old children are old enough to learn the concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation.

Harboring this deranged opinion is problematic by itself. However, what’s truly troubling is that this person is entrusted with teaching young children. Florida’s HB 1557 is a common-sense, parent-empowering piece of obviously necessary legislation. But it may not go far enough.

The majority of Americans believe that we should not teach our youngest children about sexual concepts in school. America is a democracy. The majority rule applies. Teaching sex to an eight year old isn’t even close. The only people resisting this sensible concept are the far-left freaks.

Our country needs legislation like Florida’s HB 1557. However, we require even stricter rules. These types of radical extremists should not be teaching America’s young people. There must be consequences for all violations of the law. We’re not calling for censorship of beliefs.

These people can live and believe as they wish. That’s their right. They cannot, however, teach children if they want to actively promote these abnormal lifestyles in the classroom. With all due respect, find another job. Maybe they can hire on as a transgender mouse at Disney.

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