WATCH: Manchin Visible Reaction to Schumer’s Attacks on GOP Goes Viral, Slams Attacks as Not Appropriate

The Democrat Party has always been liberal masters of deflection. They artfully dodge questions about their own pitiful performance in Washington, D.C. by pushing blame off on the conservatives in the Republican Party. It’s usually quite obvious.

Recently, they’ve used their same devious strategy to cast blame on pending legislation to address our great nation’s burgeoning debt problems. However, one powerful member of their own party took offense to their underhanded tactics.

Joe Manchin has burst onto the media scene as a Democrat Senator from a heavily conservative state. The West Virginia Senator knows what his constituents want, and what West Virginians will refuse to accept from their elected officials.

One key thing that Mountaineer State residents abhor is excessive, out-of-control government spending. The type of spending being proposed by the radical progressive Joe Biden agenda doesn’t set well with the more moderate Joe Manchin, and especially his voters.

He knows that it could end his political career as quickly as any other type of D.C. abuse of power. Manchin is making waves with his disapproval of the Biden spend and tax agenda. He’s also been caught taking visible offense to the liberal maneuver of playing the blame game.

Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer was spewing lies and distortions across the Senate floor about why the Republican Party is opposing an aimless increase in the U.S. debt ceiling. Caught on camera behind Schumer was Manchin shaking his head in disapproval.

Manchin insisted that these tactics, including the haphazard attempt to jack-up the debt cap on government spending, is “unacceptable to my caucus”. Schumer clamored on about how Republicans were “manufacturing a default on the national debt”.

Manchin thought he had an agreement with the Senate Majority leader on a softer approach. After some closed door discussion, it seems Schumer did what Schumer usually does. He splattered distorted statements all over the Senate chambers, even after insisting that he’d follow the wishes of his fellow Democrats.

The highest-ranking U.S. Senator has insisted for months that Democrats would use the reconciliation process to raise the debt ceiling. All the Republican leadership is doing is telling them to go at it. If you want to raise this critical federal budget number, do it by yourselves.

Joe Manchin appreciates that the blockage preventing the debt ceiling legislation isn’t because of the GOP. He understands clearly that it’s because his own party wants to abuse the process, so they can go spend crazy with American’s taxpayer dollars.

He knows perfectly well that his West Virginia voters will turn out in droves to show their disapproval of such policy. Joe Manchin may have a number of liberal ideologies that are contrary to conservative values, but he respects on critical value, the value of his voters.

That is how he feels American democracy is designed to work. Joe Manchin is tired of his own party manipulating the narrative to falsely and unnecessarily deflect blame. It’s an oft-exercised dishonest tool in the liberal arsenal. Thankfully, one in their own party isn’t playing along.

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