WATCH: Maher Roasts Snowflakes Who Change Words Because They Can’t Deal With Reality: ‘Repeat Kindergarten’

No one would confuse HBO host Bill Maher for having anything remotely close to conservative ideas. He is a self-proclaimed liberal. However, Maher also does not mince words. He is especially frustrated with many aspects of the radical woke culture.

In a recent episode of his show “Real Time”, the usually very liberal media darling told people they needed to “stop changing words because they cannot deal with reality.” He is frustrated with the woke culture’s insistence upon changing the definition of certain words.

Maher targeted eight words specifically. He has problems with the redefining of hate, victim, hero, shame, violence, phobic and white supremacy. Maher went on to point out Comedian Hannah Gadsby’s condemnation of Dave Chappelle’s controversial Netflix special.

Gadsby referred to Chappelle’s reference as “hate speech dog-whistling.” Maher pointed out on his show, “Well, dog whistle refers to when someone puts things in code because they’re afraid to come out and say what they really think.”

He clearly noted that Dave Chappelle says exactly what he means, not the opposite. Chappelle has never been accused of self-censorship over what people “might think”. Maher went on to talk about his aversion to an endless barrage of things being labeled as phobic.

Maher read the definition of phobic. It comes from the Greek word used to explain an irrational fear of something such as spiders. The liberal talk show host went on to blast how the word is now attached as a suffix to anything the liberal cancel culture doesn’t like.

Maher continued with an attack on the woke culture’s manipulative use of the word violence. He used a story of a naked man running into an elevator as an example. Two women on the elevator just continued to talk as if nothing was happening.

However, writers for the show airing the report, “All Rise” found it objectionable. They labeled the event as violence. Maher says sorry, but that is insane. He blasted the twisted definition of the word used by the CBS drama writers.

Maher further stressed his feelings. “No, it’s not. Violence is when it hurts. It usually involves leaving a mark of some kind. Of course, innumerable things can lead to violence, but I’m sorry, you can’t take that word and use it for stuff that’s just scary to you or just verbal, which is something I literally learned in kindergarten.”

It’s almost refreshing to hear common sense from the mouth of a professed liberal host blasting these insane leftist ideas. It’s rather remarkable, too. Maher summed up his feelings with an amusing childhood chant, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but … if you don’t know how that one ends, you need to repeat kindergarten.”

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