WATCH: Lunatic Employee Attacks Customer with Bat for Not Wearing Mask

It's a sad reality, but people today are just plain terrible.

They no longer have censors and feel like everyone needs to know their opinion about everything.

Thanks to the internet, social media, bad parenting, liberal propaganda, public schools, watered-down churches and many other things, we are in the poor shape we're in today.

They literally do not even bother to think anymore, and sadly, that's exactly where Democrats want them.

They've seriously bought into the lies from the left and feasted heavily, becoming gluttons of propaganda and brainwashed into not even being able to think rationally about anything.

Just in the past week, there was a fight at a McDonald's restaurant because a woman wanted her slushie with mixed flavors and the people working behind the counter wouldn't do it for her. We also saw someone shoot a person at a grocery store because she asked him to wear a mask while he was inside.

Someone who does this must literally have no sense whatsoever. Imagine going to prison because you decided to shoot someone over them asking you to wear a mask. This wrecks your life. It's over. You're spending life in prison because someone asked you to wear a mask.

Well, another incident happened, but at least it didn't end in someone's death.

At an Ace Hardware store in Seattle, two men ended up getting into a brawl because the employee told the customer he needed a mask, even going so far as getting a baseball bat to enforce it.

Bobby Dixon and a buddy stopped in at the Lake City Ace Hardware store on Sunday. Dixon had on a mask, but his friend who was fully vaccinated did not. When they carried their items to the check-out counter, Dixon claims they were confronted by an employee who wouldn’t allow them to check out till Dixon’s companion donned a mask.

Dixon’s friend explained that the mask was not needed as he was fully vaccinated. Undaunted, the irrational employee demanded he put on a mask or leave. Things went downhill from there as vulgarities were exchanged and the two customers left.

Angry at the unprofessional manner in which they were treated, Dixon decided to go back into the store to get the rude employee’s name so he could report him to the store manager.

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