WATCH: Kanye West Goes Off the DEEP END During Alex Jones Interview, Praises Hitler

These days, there are enough conspiracy theories in circulation to keep some people busy every day of the week. Many are so outlandish that common sense essentially establishes that they are simply too improbable to be true.

Many entail cover-ups by the criminal underworld and government chicanery. There may be more truth than we realize to things like the idea of a "Big Brother" government. In contrast, there are some theories that, while lacking evidence in either direction, clearly raise questions.

Many of these feature specific individuals, usually well-known individuals. Some individuals contend they are being followed. Others only think that they are the targets of government espionage. The latter may be more true than you might imagine.

But then there are those who have an unnatural suspicion of “mind control.” They insist that someone or something is trying to control their mind. It could be through visual attacks using technology, or it could be through drug manipulation of their minds.

Recently, a famous rapper has been the subject of some rather bizarre behavior. To be honest, over his career as a popular celebrity, Kanye West has had his fair share of “out of the ordinary” behaviors. Nevertheless, “out of the ordinary” kind of “goes with the territory” for celebrities.

Their wild, off-the-wall personalities seem to be a natural part of their personas. This can be especially true in the music industry. So, no one would bat an eye if a famous rap singer did or said a few bizarre things.

However, Kanye “Ye” West has recently “stepped over the line.” West is a notable presence on social media. Over the last few weeks, West has made a few rather alarming posts. A few have met the definition of “radical, bizarre, or downright strange.”

He’s a free spirit, known to speak his mind. But he's never really gone to the level of scathing, slanderous hateful remarks. Kanye West says what he feels and doesn’t really care who doesn’t like it. But he’s never actually been hateful.

Over the last few weeks, West has posted some disparaging remarks, especially about Jewish people. He’s accused the hierarchy in the mainstream media of purposefully targeting him. That may well be true.

Kanye West wouldn’t be the first conservative American to be attacked by the mainstream media. We say, “Welcome to the team.” But West’s recent behavior has opened him up to the recent spate of attacks. West has posted some clearly anti-Semitic tweets on Twitter.

The 45-year-old rapper’s Twitter account was therefore suspended. The Grammy-winner’s account was locked, and his racially motivated tweets have been deleted. But that isn’t stopping West from seemingly “digging his hole even deeper.”

Recently, West made an appearance on Infowars with Alex Jones. Jones is one of the world’s more noteworthy conspiracy theorists. Is it a coincidence that West appeared on another conspiracy theorist’s show? Maybe not.

As he talked with his host, West went on a bizarre tirade. He said, “I see good things about Hitler, also,” the rapper who changed his legal name to Ye told Jones on Thursday. “Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.”

Kanye West’s odd behavior has cost him millions in product endorsements. He insists that someone is trying to destroy him. West believes the attacks are because he’s been drugged by his personal trainer. This is where the conspiracy theory angle takes root.

West thinks his personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, is “drugging him,” so he’ll be a “well-behaved celebrity.” If West’s recent behavior is any indication of a “well-behaved celebrity,” it seems the plan isn’t working. Or is it?

If the “powers that be” had it in for someone they couldn’t control, what might they do? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that they’d use mind-control drugs. These people could trigger a series of events that make the person appear insane. The behavior would alienate the person.

Any heinous comments would also ignite a series of events that would collapse the person financially. Eventually, they’d be deemed too wacko for anyone to care. Does this sound implausible? Not in Kanye West’s eyes. He thinks someone is out to get him. Maybe they are?

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