WATCH: Joe Biden Gets Mocked and Laughed at During SOTU Lie

Last night, during the State of the Union Address, Joe Biden highlighted some of the injustices that many American workers face. One particular issue he highlighted was that fast food cashiers have to sign non-compete contracts, stating that if they were to leave their job for another in the same industry, they would be prevented from working somewhere similar. For example, if you work at McDonalds, you couldn't go work for Burger King. This was met with an outburst of laughter from Republicans, including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. This particular claim left many scratching their heads, wondering why anyone would find it funny.

While it can certainly be argued that the claim from Biden was absurd, others pointed out that he may not have been fully informed on the issue. EXACTLY! That's our whole point, which is why he would be better just keeping his mouth shut.

The reality is that there is no nationwide requirement for fast food workers to sign non-compete contracts. According to multiple reports from The Hill and other outlets, this particular policy does not exist in any form or fashion across the United States; however, some states like Pennsylvania and New Hampshire are looking into amending current laws to prevent fast food companies from requiring workers to sign non-compete clauses.

Although McCarthy's and the rest of the Republicans' reaction might seem humorous on its surface, it serves as a reminder for citizens everywhere about how vital it is to stay informed on key topics which affect our lives and those around us. Otherwise, we risk making stupid choices and saying stupid things like Biden does because we were too lazy to do any homework and verify something before saying it.

I guess if you want to know the facts, just do what Biden says..."Look it up" because that's more than what he ever does.

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