Watch: “Jack-in-the-Box” Shocks the Judges’ Panel on the “Masked Singer” - Judge Walks Off Show

"The Masked Singer" on FOX is built around the element of surprise from the start. When contestants are revealed, the panel frequently reacts with a surprised expression. However, The Masked Singer's panel was taken aback by a recent program.

To prepare for the spectacular reveal, let's take a look back at the February taping of one of the new season's shows. A pair of "woke culture wokies" on the four-judge panel stepped off the stage in protest during this recording.

This reaction was denounced as a rather childish temper tantrum. Now let’s fast forward to Wednesday night. Many felt that the reaction in February would cause FOX to completely remove this particular unmasking from the schedule. It did not happen that way.

The “Jack-in-the-Box” singer bellowed an average at-best version of George Thorogood’s Bad to the Bone. It turned out that “Jack” had a surprise in his box. When the masked singer was revealed, out popped former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Evidently, the pair of ultra-sensitive “wokie judges” were not expecting this to happen. It turned out to be a smooth touch by the show’s production team. Obviously, the theme of the show is supposed to revolve around the element of surprise.

It’s extra rewarding when the outcome sort of “knocks it out of the park.” It was also a plus to watch this pair of spoiled Hollywood types sit like statues in their seats. Actor Ken Jeong and singer Robin Thicke must have been boiling inside.

It was refreshing that FOX ignored this pair of cancel culture clowns’ February antics. Rudy Giuliani is a public icon. He is still revered as one of the most successful mayors in New York City history. His successful policies speak for themselves.

Only when the influence lawyer decided to defend President Trump did the radical left turn on him. This was vindication for an American hero and highly appreciated statesman. It would have been worth a million dollars to be a fly on the dressing room wall after this episode.

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