Watch How Liberal Media Deliberately Twists COVID Numbers to Push Their Agenda

Nearly two years ago, China unleashed a global pandemic on the world that has devastated humanity. Almost the instant the first sick person became an official COVID-19 case; the mainstream media have twisted and manipulated facts to fit the liberal’s wish list.

It all began with them burying stories about the origin of the virus. The liberal leftist agenda of the mainstream media has never let up since. They continue to push misinformation and over exaggerations to scare people into compliance. It’s so obvious.

All too often, smart people have seen right through this charade. Quaky liberal media pundits aren’t reserved to the United States alone. Fake news abounds across the globe. Take, as an example, a recent story about breakthrough COVID cases in Wales, United Kingdom.

You don’t even need to read past the headline to see how the liberal media tries to twist facts to meet their radical agenda. It’s both disappointing and sickening. A September 24 article on BBC News was titled, “COVID-19 Cases in Wales: A Third of Positive Cases Are Unvaccinated”.

Do you notice the irony in this title? The left’s goal is to poke every single breathing human in the arm with a jab, whether they truly need or will benefit from a vaccination or not. They certainly cannot benefit from a storyline that begins to question vaccine efficacy.

What's the necessary assumption about this? Well, if one third of positive cases are unvaccinated, that means that two-thirds of them ARE vaccinated.

So what does the liberal news do? Flip the wording to still target the blame on the unvaccinated. This blame game is used despite the factual evidence we can all see. There are more patients landing in hospitals in Wales who have been vaccinated than those who are not.

Does anyone think it might be a logical ambition of medical science to see how many COVID-recovered people with natural immunity are not getting sick as well? No sir, the liberal media must carry the water for every card-carrying radical, facts and science matter not.

Another really bewildering part of this story is contained just a few sentences down. While they probably made a good call to mention the percentage of new infections under 60-years-old, they only slipped in a one-liner stating that just 13 percent of the hospitalized were unvaccinated.

They had to insist that without the vaccine, see all unvaccinated civilians, these number would be worse. A better question might be, “what is wrong with the vaccinations that so many vaccinated people are landing in the hospital.

And better yet, how many recovered COVID people, unvaccinated, but with natural immunity, are not ending up on the hospital morning roll call? Governments are striving to get everyone on board in this fight against the virus.

It would help greatly if they’d try a little more transparency. Accurate data and truthful percentages would be helpful as well. But then again, if the liberal mainstream media did that, what horrific tales of COVID doom and gloom would they have to spin? They’ll come up with something.

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