WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Threatens to Have Juan Williams Removed From Set After Argument

Well, that certainly was unexpected!

During the program "The Five" on Fox News, Juan Williams and Greg Gutfeld got into a bit of a spat after Williams reacted to something said by Dana Perino.

Gutfeld then interrupted Williams and he didn't like it one bit. "Are you guys ever gonna let me finish?", said Williams.

Gutfeld argued that Williams was "always finishing" and that Gutfeld was simply trying to be polite to another host.

Williams inexplicably categorized a furious Gutfeld and co-panelist Jesse Watters as being "deep in the bunker." Gutfeld, whose head seemed ready to explode, exclaimed after the second bunker reference, “What you're intimating is that who is in the bunker? Adolf Hitler, correct?” An exasperated Williams denied that the reference had anything to do with Hitler.

“Gosh, are you guys gonna ever let me finish!” exclaimed Williams.

“No, because you’re always ‘finishing’!” said Gutfeld. “There’s somebody sitting there who hasn’t said a damn word!”

“You are so deep in the bunker and—” Williams began, but Gutfeld, clearly livid, cut him off.

“Oh shut up, Juan!” yelled Gutfeld. “I’m in nobody’s ‘bunker.’ Enough with your ‘bunker’—! I’m trying to be polite to somebody on the panel, Juan — which you won’t do, which you won’t do!”

Juan sniffed in disgust, “Oh my god.”

Later, as Jesse Watters dismisses Cohen’s testimony as having failed to provide any meaningful new evidence, Williams drops his “bunker” reference again. This time, Gutfeld goes nuclear.

“Again, you’re so blind, because you, like Greg, are deep in the bunker.”

“You know, if you say that again, I’m going to throw you off the set,” says Gutfeld, apparently serious.

“Oh no!” Williams says mockingly.

“Because you know what the bunker means?” says Gutfeld, leaning in and pointing at him across the table. “What your intimating is that who is in the bunker? Adolf Hitler, correct?”

“No I was not,” says Williams.

“No, no, no, that’s what you’re saying.”

“You’re so far off,” says Williams, repeating, “No,” and trying to explain himself.

“You choose the worst intent of people’s words,” says Gutfeld. “Like when I say that I believe something, I’m in the bunker.”

Williams is exiting "The Five" but will remain on board at Fox as an analyst. He will no longer commute to New York, staying in Washington, D.C., with his family instead. He thanked viewers for growing ratings after six years on the show.

Here's the full video:

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