WATCH: Fraudsters Fill Trash Bag FULL with Absentee Ballots

With good reason, millions of Americans remain convinced that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. These people, who have been called conspiracy theorists and election skeptics, might perhaps be more right than they think.

A little "taking out the trash" was involved in Joe Biden's theft of the 2020 election. Several hours of video surveillance from all throughout the nation have been submitted. Detroit, Michigan, was the scene of much of the most questionable activity.

The Gateway Pundit has recently focused on a video showing 19 absentee drop boxes in Detroit. Additionally, more than 16,000 hours of footage have been searched by 100 Percent Fed Up and Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (MC4EI). Evidence from the video shows that numerous election-related crimes were committed.

To what extent, if any, do those on the liberal left support the idea of looking into the possibility of criminal activity? Naturally, they don't. The results of the probe would show that President Trump won.

The surveillance footage has revealed hundreds of incidents of criminal activity. Mules can be seen dumping dozens of ballots into drop boxes. Ballot harvesting is illegal. If this isn’t ballot harvesting, then what is it? We’ll tell you what it is.

It was illegal ballot box stuffing. Without an investigation, there is no record authenticating any of these ballots. These ballots were hauled off to Michigan satellite election centers, where they were tabulated. How even more ironic is it that Dominion Voting Systems machines were used?

With so much potential illegal activity, one might think that an honest state attorney general would investigate. But that’s not happening in Michigan. In fact, the corrupt Michigan Attorney General refuses to look into obvious election fraud.

One chunk of surveillance footage reveals two suspicious people stuffing a drop box with ballots. At a drop box at WCCCD Northwest in Detroit, a young male wearing a face mask removes the ballots from a drop box outside a satellite voting center. Most assume this was a Detroit election worker.

But was he? In addition, as one person removes stacks of ballots, an older black female drives up. From the back of her SUV, she drags out trash bags stuffed full. The woman opens the garbage bag as the male starts to dump armloads of absentee ballots into the bag.

Where did these ballots come from, and where were they headed? The shadiness of the operation says that they weren’t legal. Plus, they were trucked to a corrupt Dominion voting machine to be counted. You can bet that every ballot counted for Joe Biden. He cheated. The cameras do not lie.

Garbage bags are not a legal method for transferring election ballots. When corrupt Michigan officials say that the 2020 election was “the most secure in history,” they’re lying. Just like the trash bags used to haul thousands of illegal ballots for Joe Biden, the 2020 election was a bunch of garbage!

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