WATCH: Former Model/Actress Comes Unhinged on Plane Because He Was Eating Without a Mask

A woman on a Delta flight recently lost her mind when she was told by a flight attendant that she needed to go sit down because she was blocking the aisle.

It's a simple request isn't it? Sit down while we serve drinks to other guests on the plane then you can get up and do whatever it is you felt like doing. In this case, go to the restroom.

Well, the woman, Patricia Cornwall didn't like that and said to the attendant, "What am I, Rosa Parks?"

That's when she caught the attention of the older man that she ended up slapping later on. The man told her that she wasn't black, this wasn't Alabama, and that she wasn't on a bus.

Well, apparently that is extremely offensive to a liberal nutcase and so she snapped on the man.

At one point, the man called her the b-word and so she screamed at him and slapped him in the face. The man wasn't phased by it, but instead just told her, "Now you're going to jail, that's assault."

She then ended up spitting on him and still wouldn't leave him alone.

The video does contain some strong language so it's not safe for work.

In the end, this had a happy ending as the woman was arrested and taken into custody by the FBI. She posted a $20,000 bond and is out currently.

As it happens, this isn't just any random woman. You likely wouldn't recognize her, but this is a former Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader and a former actress who has appeared on Baywatch and Married with Children.

Today, she works as a Realtor for Coldwell Banker. At least, she did up until this incident. I wouldn't be so sure that she is still employed by the brokerage after this happened.

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