WATCH: Disrespectful Teens Trash Walmart "Just for Fun"

Spring break isn't what it used to be for me when I was younger.

For the most part, spring break was simply a time when I didn't have to go to school and could spend time with my friends outside of it.

I did go to the beach with a group of friends during my final year of high school, and we had a great time. We spent much of our time cruising along the strip, drinking in our condo, and eating delicious food. All we wanted to do was have a nice time.

Today, people are a lot dumber and more violent than what we were back then.

I saw over the weekend that there was a shooting during spring break. Probably because someone said something that someone else didn't like so they think that this is justifiable reason to open fire at someone.

But then this morning, I woke up and checked some news and came across an incident at a Miami Walmart where a group of about 40 individuals decided to trash the store completely and all just for fun.

What's become of young people today? They are horrible. Too often I see crap like this. Senseless acts of violence, vandalism, and everything in-between. Why?

Where is it that our society has failed that as a result has led to this?

Well, there are a couple of areas I think. I think that fatherless homes is a big factor in all of this. I think that there actually is a systemic oppression of certain groups of people in order to keep them poor and dependent on the government to take care of them. It's hard to let go of something guaranteed to pursue something better when there is uncertainty with the something better.

But it needs to be done and I think it was being done under President Trump before he left. He's really got his work cut out for him this next go around in 2024. He'll have to try and undue everything that Joe Biden screwed up.

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