WATCH: CPAC Crowd Calls Out and HUMILIATES CNN's Jim Acosta at Conference

Starting last Thursday through the weekend, one of the greatest events of the year took place, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

It was filled with many great speakers including President Trump himself who made it pretty clear that he would be running again in 2024.

However, during the conference, a crowd gathered around Acosta as he walked through the building and began shouting "CNN sucks! CNN sucks! CNN sucks!"

You can even hear one woman say,"Get him. Get him.". Now if any liberals see that this video and hear her say that, they're going to try and claim that she was calling for violence. That's not at all what's taking place. Just see for yourselves.

You can then see someone from the Federalist come up to Acosta and berate him about not covering Andrew Cuomo at all on CNN.

"When are you guys going to start covering Cuomo?" he asked. Acosta replied "We do," which is a blatant lie.

The Federalist reporter then responded, "No you don’t. He killed 10,000 people and is accused of sexual assault and you guys want to talk about Ted Cruz."

I went to CNN's website and looked to see if there was anything on the homepage about Andrew Cuomo and I didn't find anything at all. There are dozens of stories on the home page, but not one of them has to do with Cuomo.

So then I took it upon myself to search Cuomo on the CNN site to see what comes up, and the only thing I found was a well-hidden article about him denying allegations. No accountability, just a trash article.

I will say though, I did think that the Federalist reporter was acting like a jerk. I hate to say it, but it's the truth. Acosta was interviewing someone and he interrupted the interview and then wouldn't accept Acosta's reply that he would talk to him after he finished the interview.

I think Acosta does deserve that sort of treatment for all he's done over the years, but I hate to see someone on our side act that way.

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