WATCH: Conservative News Anchor Interrupts My Pillow's CEO, Refuses to Let Him Speak, Then Storms Out of Room

Big Tech and the social media giants have been relentlessly working to silence any opposition to the current regime in the White House.

Going forward, they will not be tolerating any dissenting views from the status quo of the radical left.

One of the latest acts of censorship from Twitter comes in that they have not only suspended My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell's personal Twitter account, but they also censored the corporate account for the company as well.

He was once again targeted by the news media, and this time it was from a conservative outlet. I don't mean Fox News; I honestly don't know if I'd even consider them conservative anymore. They're more centrist now if anything.

This came from Newsmax when anchor Bob Sellers acted like a child during the network's interview with Lindell.

When Newsmax anchor Heather Childers, appearing on a separate screen from Sellers, asked Lindell about the Twitter suspensions, he started spewing false claims about Dominion machines and Sellers immediately stepped in, talking over the pillow pitchman.

"Mike, Mike," Sellers started, trying to interrupt Lindell multiple times. "Mike, you're talking about machines that we at Newsmax have not been able to verify any of those kinds of allegations. We just want to let people know that there's nothing substantive that we've seen."

Sellers and his producers appear to have been prepared for Lindell's allegations, as the anchor had a prepared text at the ready.

"Let me read you something," said Sellers. "While there (was) some clear evidence of some cases of vote fraud and election irregularities, the election results in every state were certified and Newsmax accepts the results as legal and final. The courts have also supported that view."

"So, we wanted to talk to you about canceling culture. We don't want to re-litigate the allegations that you're making, Mike," Sellers said as Lindell spoke over him, gesticulating toward the camera.


"Can I ask our producers? Can we get out of here, please?" he said, asking for an end to the interview segment. "I don't want to have to keep going over this. We at Newsmax have not been able to verify any of these allegations."

Sellers was acting like a belligerent moron with the way that he interrupted Lindell, refused to let him speak, and then stormed off like a little baby. If this is the way he's going to act during interviews, he needs to go find another job because this is pathetic and honestly lowers my view of Newsmax.

And honestly, who gives a crap if Newsmax has verified anything or not? Do they only talk to people who have information that Newsmax has already screened and verified already?

USA Today

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