WATCH: Comedian Bill Burr TRIGGERS Feminists and Liberals After Jokes During Grammys

When it comes down to the Cancel Culture, I do not believe it's actually a sensible question to ask, "Who's next?" Rather, the far better question seems to be how many folks today?

One of these victims that has actually been preyed upon today is comedian Bill Burr.

In the name of political correctness, the leftists have placed a bull's eye on the notoriously politically incorrect comedian. The senselessness of the extreme Cancel Culture agenda can't even compare jokes and also real-life attacks that need to be examined.

It appears that Burr's joking at the 2021 Grammy Awards riled the feathers of a few radical feminists. Most of the attention was directed at his mispronunciation of a long and easily confusing last name.

Burr is a comedian who makes no apologies for having little patience for many leftist ideologies. He has poked fun at the insanity of gender identity. Burr has voiced his disagreement towards the crazy notion that somehow gender is subjective. He makes no apologies for his views.

The problem isn't what Bill Burr thinks or how he voices his opinions. He is an adult-rated comedian. Imagine how the late Richard Pryor might set the radical leftists' hair on fire with his off-the-cuff comments.

Burr insists that the whole problem is money-driven. He sees innocent politically incorrect jokes being curtailed out of fear. The same is happening to normal everyday Americans. Many are shutting up, not because they've changed their feelings about things like transgender exposure for children, but because they're afraid of the crazed backlash by the cancel-culture.

Just like the comedian who made fun of his own remarks, this would all be funny if it were not so blatantly insane. This isn't an agenda driven to improve our world, it's an agenda to control every word we say and how we say it.

The crazed Cancel Culture speech police were offended again, but this time someone told them what they could do about it. It was truly refreshing.

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