WATCH: Chuck Schumer Lies About Americans Getting Out of Afghanistan

After the Taliban had already taken total control of Afghanistan, Senate Majority Leader and New York Senator Chuck Schumer spoke with a WSYR-TV news reporter. When asked about how many Americans have left to go back home after 11 years abroad in that country he answered "every one."

He went on to say there are still Afghans who want out but cannot leave. They helped so much during America's war efforts against terror attacks from 2001 until now without any remuneration or appreciation being given by our federal government for this selfless service rendered upon its behalf.

"At the moment actually, I'm still focused on trying to get some of those brave Afghans out," said Schumer.

"The Americans, all of whom wanted to come out, have come out, praise God," he claimed.

"But there are a lot of Afghans who have risked their lives for our soldiers and others," he continued. "Many got out, some didn't, and I'm still working on trying to get some of them out."

His statement about Americans is different than what the State Department has repeatedly reported. It's also contrary to what we've already reported. There are a number of videos out there from multiple Americans who never made it out of the country because Biden gave up on them.

This week, it was reported that an American mother and her three children have been desperately trying to leave. A charity organization was successful at air-lifting them out. The State Department is under criticism for taking credit for the family's rescue.

Contrary to what Chuck Schumer claims, there are between 100 and 200 Americans still there, according to the State Department. A spokesperson for Schumer explained this direct contradiction. His spokesperson said that Chuck Schumer had misspoken, but that's not what misspeaking is. That is a flat out lie.

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