WATCH: Childless Stacey Abrams Says Killing Your Baby is Best Way to Fix Democrat-Created Recession: “Having Children is Why You’re Worried About Your Price for Gas”

Politicians occasionally say the craziest things. However, if you actually think about what they are saying in the proper context, everything about who they are is revealed. No matter how extreme their opinions may be, people have the right to hold them.

But are they justified in forcing these extreme beliefs on everyone else? According to the new Democratic Party, yes. The Democratic Party's ideology has seen a serious move to the far-left. They are no longer a political group that supports democracy. They are violently opposed to individual liberty.

However, in order to give the impression that they do, they will utilize certain issues.  Abortion is a good example. Democrats don't give a damn about kids. That part should be clear. However, they assert that they support women's right to choose. They "say" they support broad abortion rights because of this.

However, if we delve further into the extreme language of Democrats, we'll find that they support expansive abortion-on-demand laws for different reasons. One reason is that children require the attention of parents. That attention is frequently the mother's responsibility, at least for a time.

Children take time away from a working mother’s duties to “the state.” Democrats don’t really give a hoot about the mother herself. She is a robotic working machine. A single mother, one who will kill an unborn baby because that’s the “societal norm,” can continue to get a paycheck.

Out of her paycheck, when the socialist Democrats level taxes higher taxes, will come a substantial amount of money to fund big government spending. Having a child allows for tax breaks as well. In short, having children sucks money from big government’s piggybank.

But there are more reasons for the seemingly bizarre push for widespread abortion. Parents, whether single, or a couple, must spend money on these children. There is the loss of work time, (taxes collected) but also financial commitments necessary to raise the child.

Democrat policies want the working class to stay broke. In fact, the progressive left believes America’s middle class is a burden. They either need to be part of a socialist working class, feeding the big government machine, or an impoverished peasant.

Stacey Abrams, the radical socialist candidate for Georgia governor, came right out and said it. Abrams actually offered a solution to both the abortion issue and the record-high inflation that’s currently devastating Americans.

The radical leftist, about to become a two-time loser in the state of Georgia, insisted that by having an abortion, families could ease the emotional burden of skyrocketing prices. This wacko leftist actually provided the dumbest, most insensitive solution to financial problems possible.

“Kill the babies!” That’s where all our problems lie. Abrams proudly explained, “Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas. It’s why you’re concerned about how much food costs.” Now, make a note that, “thankfully,” Stacey Abrams has no offspring.

A childless quack doubled down on her theory. Abrams proclaimed, “You can’t divorce being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy from the economic realities of having a child.” She exposed the true leftist reason for pushing abortion on demand. Kill babies and fix the economy!

But this is the underlying fallacy of the radical socialist abortion ideology. Eventually, by advocating for wholesale abortion, the “state” begins to lose its supply of “worker bees.” The number of available peasants to fund big government’s wild-eyed social programs dries up.

Now, there’s far less money for the peasants. The stability of the country becomes shakier and shakier. There is civil unrest. Violence is an inherent part of an unstable society. Soon, the nation begins to crumble at its core, leading to a total collapse.

Another “pie in the sky” socialist utopia fails. They always have and they always will. The radical big government socialist ideology will fail. Americans must heed the warnings and stop it now. November’s upcoming midterm elections will be step number one.

Once this radically insane plan is frozen in its tracks, conservative common sense can go about the job of restoring American pride. We will save our country from an undoubted collapse. Patriotic Americans can and will “Save America!”

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