WATCH: BLM and Antifa Thugs Draw Guns on Portland Motorists

By far, one of the worst things to have happened to our country over the past year has been Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

That's not to diminish the other bad things that have happened over the past year, because there have been plenty of other things, like...the virus and Joe Biden just for a couple of examples.

Because of these two groups, many cities have seen destruction. They've seen their livelihoods taken away from them. They've seen their cities destroyed.

This is the result of stupidity, plain and simple.

If someone shoots my dog, I'm not going to burn my house down. If someone steals my car, I'm not going to go break windows at Walmart. None of this is logical, but that's the problem with these idiots, they don't even know how to use logic.

Portland has been one city that really hasn't seen rest since last year. In my opinion, I can't even imagine how anyone could still live in Portland. Just turn the place over to the terrorist and let them "govern" themselves into oblivion, because that's exactly what would happen.

We all saw how CHAZ turned out last year. It was filled with crime, rape, and even murder.

Recently, these militants took to the streets again in North Portland. They weren't being peaceful, they were looking for trouble armed with their AR-15s, AK-47s, and other firearms and threatening motorists.

Can you just imagine how bananas the media would be going right now if this would have been Trump supporters, Proud Boys, or something of that nature? Instead of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, which have almost evolved into the same group, if this has been anyone from the right, the media would be trying to put President Trump in jail if something liket his happened, but as usual, no media outlets are covering this because it doesn't fit their narrative of, "Antifa doesn't exist. These are peaceful protests. Gun control. Black Lives Matter. Blah blah blah". This is a load of crap and those of us with common sense aren't falling for it.

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