WATCH: Biden Official Gets WRECKED During Press Briefing After Challenging Reporter

A reporter for the Associated Press, Matt Lee, was able to get the best of state official Ned Price after asking him about a recent foreign policy move by the Biden regime.

Lee challenged Price on his claim that Biden hasn't been able to undo any of the international agreements that President Trump put in place.

When Matt Lee asked Price about pulling troops from Afghanistan, the spokesman insisted that one would be "hard-pressed" to find an example of any international agreement signed onto by the Trump administration that had been jettisoned by the current White House occupant.

"Matt, I think you’re actually confusing different things here. These are apples and oranges. Yes, we changed quite a few U.S. policies across a number of fronts, but I think you would be hard-pressed to find an international agreement that the United States signed on to during the last administration that this administration has jettisoned, done away with. This is the point that we have made in any number of different —"

Lee confidently cited an anti-abortion Geneva protocol and the Northern Triangle agreement. "

"How about the Geneva protocol on the anti-abortion stuff?...How about the agreements with the Northern Triangle, with Mexico and the Northern Triangle? Those are international agreements that you guys jettisoned."

After Price first ignored one of the reporter's questions, the bureaucrat was left sputtering in search of a coherent response to Lee's smart responses. Matt Lee's mic drop moment came when he said that he'd come up with, several Trump-era agreements that the Mumbles administration had removed.

"I mean, you just challenged me to come up with an international agreement that the previous administration signed that you guys have walked away from, and I just gave you, I think, three."

Finally, we have a sliver of proof that real journalism still exists, even in this post-Trump Brave New World we're living in.

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