WATCH: Biden Looks COMPLETELY LOST During Legislation Signing...This is Just Elderly Abuse!

The most powerful and influential leader in the free world cannot be Joe Biden. Joe Biden is being used as a puppet by the extreme progressive left wing of the Democratic Party. He has no control over anything.

The number of Obama-era appointees in Biden's cabinet and administration gives away who is truly in charge of the White House. Once more, it's not Joe Biden. Joe Biden is incompetent to manage anything adequately. Someone might have to help him fill the tub with water.

That is sad. In any case, it's not funny when someone holds the most powerful political position in the world and their mental acuity is on par with a banana. Not only is it "not funny," but it's also risky.

Since his first day after cheating his way into the White House, Biden’s inability to handle the responsibilities of the U.S. President has been on full display. He has embarrassed himself and the nation. He appears to fall asleep during the Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

In April, at the U.S.S. Delaware commissioning ceremony, camera footage shows what appears to be Joe Biden nodding off, standing up in full salute. More than once, Biden has read the instructions from his teleprompter.

Joe Biden has forgotten what office he holds and what state he’s in. The man is clearly in catastrophic cognitive free-fall. Again, it’s terribly sad. But the saddest thing of all is that our nation is suffering because of the person Democrats manipulated into the White House.

During live speaking engagements, Biden has turned around to shake the hand of an individual person. Recently, his glassy-eyed gaze was on full display. During the signing of the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” Biden’s lack of mental acuity was on full display.

His facial expression was priceless. Joe Biden looked lost. His starry-eyed gaze seemed to indicate he may have been unaware of who the people were standing around him. He reached up towards Senator Joe Manchin, as if bewildered by his presence.

Anyone who witnessed this video would have no doubt that Joe Biden is not all there. The cognitive decline is now obvious. A medical evaluation must be conducted to determine if Joe Biden has dementia. But if anyone, even with sincere motives, suggests such, they’re attacked.

These attacks will include demonization by the mainstream media. The FBI and DOJ will come after an American who has the audacity to even suggest that something is seriously wrong. This man can no longer function as a leader. He never could. He must be removed.

Ahead of the November midterms, Americans may consider inflation, a crisis at our southern border, or dangerous international policies to be critical issues. They truly are. However, the cognitive awareness of the U.S. Commander-in-Chief should rank atop this list.

Allowing the progressive left in the Democrat Party to maintain control of Capitol Hill will mean more of the same. Joe Biden will continue to dangerously embarrass our nation. A 25th Amendment resolution could save the country by allowing Republicans to rightfully takeover.

As the radical left’s puppet, Biden is their instrument of destruction. As long as he remains in the White House, their power to destroy the U.S. continues unabated. They must be stopped. Our country is at stake.

The United States is at a crossroads in our history. Voters can save it. As well, we can save Joe Biden from further embarrassment. In the upcoming midterm elections, vote conservative to remove Joe Biden from office - before it’s too late.

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