Watch: Biden Goes on Another Trip, Air Force One Stairs Are Undefeated Vs. Joe

Joe Biden once again tripped while departing Washington, D.C. and boarding Air Force One. Perhaps he was thinking about how he had skewed the results of the primary elections the night before and got distracted from walking. Thinking and walking is a difficult thing to do for Joe Biden.

Before boarding the plane, Biden told reporters that he wanted to make a statement.

“I think the voters sent a clear message last night: Both parties have to step up and do something about crime, as well as gun violence,” he said. “And I sent, as you recall — with the first major bill we passed, we gave the states and localities billions of dollars — billions of dollars they have — and I encouraged them to use it to hire police officers and reform their police departments. Very few have done it.”

“In addition to that, I sent to Congress a request for $300 million in this year’s budget to deal with hiring cops, to retrain cops, as well as to make sure they are adequately dispersed around the communities. It’s time they move. It’s time to states and the localities spend the money they have to deal with crime, as well as retrain police officers, as well as provide for more community policing,” he added.

That sure is a lot of spin, considering that voters in California's primary and recall elections showed that they are rejecting woke far-left policies and moving toward the middle of the political spectrum. What took place was a rejection of the policies being imposed by Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

It should come as no shock that Joe Biden experienced a fall while trying to board Air Force One.

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