WATCH: Bicyclist Karen LOSES It on Ambulance Parked in the Bike Lane

There's no way to say this gently...some people are just crazy. Stacey Randecker, a 51-year-old bicyclist from San Francisco is one of them.

She recently shared an experience she had when out on one of her biking adventures. On a rainy day, she encountered an ambulance and EMTs blocking the bike path. Recognizing the potential danger to other riders, Randecker decided to take matters into her own hands and confront the emergency vehicle.

In a video posted to Twitter, she could be heard shouting "Get out of the bike lane!" at the driver. She continued on, exclaiming "You're killing us! Get out of the bike lane!"

Unfortunately for Randecker, not everyone shared her sentiments that it was unacceptable for an emergency vehicle to block their path. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to determine that an ambulance is more important than a crazy liberal on a bicycle going for a joy ride.

One user replied, “Interesting take, considering it seems like she’s another entitled cyclist who thinks the world revolves around her. THEY’RE KILLING US! LMAO!” Another sarcastic reply said, “If you’re not confident enough on a bike to go around, then you should walk.”

Certainly, the fact that this woman was anything but “dying” wasn’t lost on her viewers. She also added a couple of vulgar references to how much she was “inconvenienced” by “an ambulance in the bike lane.” There wasn’t a word about why someone required emergency care.

She also claimed the unit was on break. They were not. The San Francisco Fire Department issued a statement saying that they were “finishing a medical emergency with a patient care document from a call at that location.”

According to the Daily Mail, the woman admitted to being frantic. Randecker posted, “I know that it sounded crazy.” Again, not a word of concern for what may have led to the emergency being there. Nothing more than an insensitive rant about how she was “inconvenienced.”

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