WATCH: BȽM Activists Hold City Council Member Hostage Until She Agrees to Their Demands

Given the way things have gone the past year and a half, there really isn't much that can happen that really catches us by surprise.

So when BȽM activists held a city councilperson hostage in Minnesota, it wasn't anything that caught anyone off guard. This sort of crap is to be expected by these losers at this point.

The group wouldn't allow Andrea Jenkins and an unnamed friend to go any further until Jenkins signed a statement agreeing that no BȽM rioters would be prosecuted.

CrimeWatch Minneapolis tweeted a link to a video of the incident, aptly calling the activists' conditions "terrorist demands." After two hours of being kept in place by the mob, Jenkins signed the agreement.

“If this weren’t comical, it would be pathetic that not 1 mainstream #MNmedia outlet reported on a sitting #Mpls city council member being held hostage for 2 hours & coerced to sign a statement agreeing to terrorist demands before being allowed to leave.” 

Besides signing off on the rioters' freedom, Jenkins' signature meant she also agreed to demand that Jacob Frey resign as the city's mayor. Andrea Jenkins told the mayor that she signed the agreement under duress, and he accepted her statement.

Mayor Frey said:

“I will certainly let the council vice president speak for herself. We did have a conversation and she made it very clear that it was under duress. It has nothing to do with First Amendment speech. First Amendment speech is about having the ability to express yourself, not the ability to compel somebody else under duress to take your position and intact your speech.”

He is furious Jenkins was held against her will.

“I don’t care what your politics are, Democrat, Republican, Independent. Everyone should be speaking out against this. The issue you are fighting for, you should not hold people against their will and compel them to take your position under duress. That’s fundamentally wrong, it’s anti-democratic.”

Jenkins, who acts as the Minneapolis City Council's vice president, is the nation's first black, openly transgender person, to be elected to public office.

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