WATCH: Arizona Senator Calls Out Democrats Trying to Prevent Election Audit

They can run, but they can't hide forever.

Democrats have fought and fought, and are still fighting to try and stop and real audits from being conducted on ballots and machines used in the Novemeber election, but they have failed to stop Maricopa County, Arizona.

Finally, they have started the process of examining ballots and the machines.

In my opinion, it would seem like common sense that an audit should be conducted to verify that something is legitimate. We do this with many other things in the world. It's testing and validation, that's all it is.

So the question that I have is why would they not want to prove that Their system that they have in place is legitimate and that it works? The argument has been that this past election was the most secure election in US history. OK let's make sure that's an accurate statement let's do an audit and verify that. If it's legitimate the truth will prevail and every conservative should recant their statements and allegation of frauds. If the results, on the other hand, prove that there are not just irregularities but factual evidence of fraud then the Democrats need to do likewise and say, "Hey we screwed up."

I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way either. Karen Fann, who is President of the Arizona Senate where they are trying to conduct the audit, told Newsmax the following after being asked what they're hoping to accomplish with this audit:

"Well, from the very get-go, we saw right, the day after the election, we were getting hundreds and hundreds of emails of people asking questions about the integrity of the election. Some of that was because our Secretary of State had made a deal to allow people to register four days after the election. We started hearing of things going around the nation, and I had asked the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to please expand their double-checking of their audit. And, it kind of just snowballed from there."

Arizona Senator Rick Gray responded to a similar question from Spicer after Spicer said, “you’ll recount the ballots and you’ll get the same number”:

"We have a lot of concerned voters who don’t trust the system, so the whole purpose of this verifying to the voters that this system was accurate. And of course, it is the legislature’s responsibility to deal with election laws. So if there are any problems, we need to change some statutes and adjust to make sure what we are doing is appropriate."

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