WATCH: AOC Caught Digging Through Trash and MASKLESS with Others

You know the motto of the Democrats right? "Do as I say, not as I do."

They are the epitome of what a hypocrite is and this is the thing that really bothers me the most about Democrats.

I can't stand hypocrisy with anyone for any reason, it doesn't matter if the person is liberal or conservative, black or white, Christian or atheist. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy and I hate it.

You may remember how Nasty Nancy Pelosi was caught not wearing a mask in a salon last year then claimed that she was set up. You may remember Gov. Andrew Cuomo being out with other people and also not wearing a mask. You may remember Dr. Anthony Fauci sitting with others at a baseball game not wearing his mask. You may remember John Kerry on a plane with other people and not wearing his mask.

It goes on and on. Why? Because they're hypocrites!

We can add another name to that list now, American's favorite socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC was spotted at Garfield Park in Washington, D.C. with other people around, even sitting with someone at a picnic table and not wearing her mask.

And not only that, but she was also spotting digging through the trash.

She's been so hardcore about the (forbidden illness) and wearing masks, as all liberals have claimed to be, but then here she is spotted out in public not wearing her mask.

Remember that AOC criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to end state-wide mask mandates:

“Repealing the mask mandate now endangers so many people, especially essential workers & the vulnerable. It endangers the entire country and beyond. We are in a pandemic… It’s dangerous.”

Also, late last year, AOC tweeted criticizing the Republicans and Senator Rand Paul:

“Gee, maybe if the GOP hadn’t spent so much time undermining public faith in science, masks,& COVID itself, I wouldn’t have to weigh the potential misinfo consequences of what wld happen if leaders urged ppl to take a new vaccine that we weren’t taking ourselves!”

“Our job is to make sure the vaccine isn’t politicized the way masks were politicized. If you actually listened to your constituents, you’d hear a LOT about viral claims about repro health. Ppl have [question]s Leaders shld show we won’t ask others to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves.”

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