WATCH: Animal Rights Protesters Go Insane When a Troll Starts Eating a Shish Kabob Right in Front of Them

People hold firm convictions regarding a variety of topics. It's possible that someone who has a deep enthusiasm for a cause will feel compelled to lend their support to that cause.

Animal rights concerns are something that a lot of people care deeply about and are passionate about. That makes perfect sense and can certainly be understood. Cruelty to animals is unacceptable behavior.

There are several instances in which animals are neglected or subjected to cruel treatment. It is not inappropriate in the least to bring attention to these problems.

On the other hand, there are those who are attempting to start a conversation about particular animal rights concerns, but occasionally they go a little bit crazy in the process.

Recently, this type of overexuberance was on full display in New York City. Okay, to be honest, the signage used by these animal rights protesters might have provided a hint as to these folks’ state of mind. One banner read: “Dairy is Slavery–Rape, Separating mothers and babies.”

No, we’re not joking. That is a protest sign being held up by one animal rights activist. Her t-shirt read: “Animals are not fabric.” This was a rather large protest, so there must be a number of Americans who feel strongly about this issue. Again, that’s great.

But at some level, there must be a bit of calming logic involved. Animal activists are some of the worst protest groups when it comes to using “shock and awe” tactics. They feel it’s necessary to scream and yell, even pour fake blood on innocent bystanders.

These radicals will dress like animals and shout that everyone must stop eating meat. Sorry, but being vegan is a personal choice. Someone wearing an animal costume and screaming like a wild hyena isn’t going to change many ardent meat eaters’ minds.

These types of nonsensical antics steal from the logical arguments that true activists use to battle real animal cruelty issues. These issues are always best discussed in a calm and logical manner. But that’s not how these wacko clowns acted.

The large animal rights group in New York City was both loud and rude. But when they spotted an innocent bystander eating meat from a shish-kabob stick, they went ballistic. The protesters screamed and cussed down this poor young man.

Nevertheless, this fellow decided he’d play to the moment. As he licked his shish kabob with dedicated intent, it drove these animal activists into an even greater frenzy. It’s obviously rather easy to get “the goat” of the crazier fringes of the animal activist world. Sorry, no pun intended.

Folks, this is what happens when you separate yourself so far from reality to think that animals and humans are equal. I don't hear them out there yelling at carnivorous animals to tell them to stop eating other animals. What about equality?

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