WATCH: American Patriots Go Toe-to-Toe with School Board, Health Department, and Police Over Illegal Actions

I am a staunch and unapologetic supporter of homeschooling and believe that if able, everyone should homeschool.

It's not easy, but it does get easier as you go and it's so rewarding.

However, I do admire those who are standing up in school against the school boards to take them on and work to set the record straight on their children's schooling.

A group of conservative parents and patriots have banded together to take on their local school board, and it looks like they're going to have to take on the police who defend them as well.

I don't mean that in a violent way, I just mean that legal action needs to occur against the police for violating the law and action for removing the members of the school board need to take place as well.

Last weekend, a mother received a phone call from a health department official who told her that her son would not be allowed to come back to school because he "might" have been exposed to COVID and should quarantine.

The mother questioned this and still took her son to school to drop him off. She was then stopped by an officer and warned that he can't come to school unless he's vaccinated.

Following this, all hell broke loose as outraged parents showed up at a school board meeting to voice their contempt.

“The health department and the school board are targeting local conservative groups of the county –they are trying to punish the local Republican leaders by punishing their children and keeping them out of school. They are using bureaucratic tyranny to punish Republican leaders’ children,” Jaime Parham, a biomedical engineer for brain and spine surgery who leads North Florida Patriots, said. “We went to the school board to protest and told them that we are not going to do this.”

Parham continued,

“Parents would clap after speakers would speak. The school board then warned, ‘No clapping.’ A father explained to them that what they were doing was unacceptable and he was escorted out by the police. After people clapped for him, a health department official walked up to the attorney of the school board and instructed him to kick everybody out of the meeting, which is illegal and because it’s a public meeting under Sunshine law.

“The parents refused to leave. They said, ‘We are not leaving. This is our First Amendment right.’ The board members promptly called dozens of police officers to escort the parents out of the meeting.”


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