Was Vladimir Putin Replaced by Body Double in Iran? Ukraine Official Says Yes

Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine in February 2022. Military and foreign policy specialists began expressing their views on the goals of the Russian dictator right away. What is driving Putin to invade a neighboring country right now? Why not ten or even five years ago?

Many military experts interpreted it as Putin's retaliation against the Biden regime's lax foreign policy position. Most people agree that Putin's confidence was greatly boosted by Biden's incompetent and shameful exit from Afghanistan. He was now able to get away with such an assault.

Others, though, believe that this assault involves more than merely compromising the safety of Russia's westernmost frontier. That’s where military and political pundits lose an edge to those experienced in clandestine spy operations.

In reality, that’s what Vladimir Putin is. He is a former KGB agent from the days of the U.S.S.R. Putin isn’t anything like the career politicians with whom he’s playing a dangerous game of world chess against. Putin is a well-trained secret agent.

The problem is that while this man may be an “International Man of Mystery,” Putin’s intentions are not funny. He’s trying to lure NATO, and especially the United States, into a potentially devastating world conflict. Deception is one of his characteristics.

What these so-called foreign policy experts think they see, on the surface may differ dramatically from reality. An example of how shrewd and secretive Vladimir Putin really is might have occurred during a scheduled trip to the Middle East.

The report comes from a top Ukraine intelligence official. Certainly, Ukraine is closely monitoring the movements of its nemesis, at least as closely as possible. Putin’s scheduled trip to visit Iran was not kept secret. But some insist that Putin is not well.

The lookalike appeared to be more “alert and mobile,” according to reports. Major General Kyrylo O. Budanov spoke with Ukrainian outlet 1+1. Major General Budanov feels that Putin’s lively appearance during the visit was abnormal compared to recent live appearances.

The Ukrainian military officer suggests that the person in Iran was not Vladimir Putin. As soon as this report surfaced, speculation exploded. While the major general said he was only “hinting” at the possibility, he also pointed to Putin’s exit from the plane.

This was Putin’s first international trip since his forces invaded Ukraine. Anti-Russian foreign intelligence agencies said months ago that body doubles were placed on alert. These lookalike “Putin imposters” were set to be ready while the dictator was receiving medical treatment.

For years, there have been rumors that Putin has strongly considered using body doubles to conduct various responsibilities. The Russian ruler has consistently been rumored to be exceedingly paranoid that someone may try to assassinate him.

If Vladimir Putin really did use a body double in Iran, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. He is a crafty former KGB spy. Putin has always had and will always have a "secret agent mentality." He feeds off deception. The individual who visited Iran may or may not have been Vladimir Putin. But please, once you’ve completed this story, Burn After Reading.

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