WaPo Op-Ed Suggests Democrats Losing Midterms Will Secure White House in 2024

If the Democrats allow us to have free and fair elections in November's midterm elections, it's almost a certainty that the Democrats will take a major beating.

According to Matt Bai, a columnist for the Washington Post (where truth dies in their darkness), the party taking the electoral battering could help the Democrats cling on to power in 2024. I suppose it's always beneficial to harbor aspirations.

Bai said, “The good news is that getting blown out in 2022 may well be the only path you have to holding the White House in 2024.”

In my opinion, Joe Biden would not be re-elected even if he were to cure cancer. I can't believe he'll be allowed to run for reelection by the party he belongs to.

“I’m not saying the costs of a Republican takeover in November won’t be steep in the short run. These aren’t the conservative revolutionaries of 1994 or even tea-party types of 2010. This is the mutant-gene version of a Republican uprising, a full-on crazy-eyed dystopian movement of conspiracists and authoritarians,” he wrote. “But everything we know about modern politics suggests that the best way — maybe the only way — for a Democrat to be reelected is to also be the last guy standing between the broad American electorate and a whole lot of Republican crazy.”

It's always funny when a radical leftist says that Republicans are the crazy ones.

It's evident that the WaPo, which is plainly on the side of the Democrats, realizes that Joe Biden isn't doing a good job of governing.

Biden is going to be impeached by the Republicans.  So many laws have been broken and our country has been damaged in practically every area by him, and all of it was on purpose.

Bai also said that if the Republicans win back majorities in Congress, that result “would curb the power of the Sanders-Warren wing, freeing Biden to pursue the kind of mainstream liberal agenda … that the voters thought they were getting in the first place.”

Is he saying that Biden is being influenced by two of Congress' most insane Marxists?

Bai argued that instead of “spending every free minute trying to hold the whiny factions of his own party together, Biden can give statesmanlike speeches in defense of principles that resonate with the broad electorate.”

There is one problem with that, however: Joe Biden is a terrible public speaker, especially now that he may have a coherent thought around twice a day. In contrast to his predecessors, he appears to be reading off a teleprompter. That was a problem for Hillary Clinton as well.

According to Bai, even if Biden doesn’t run for reelection, “then the party’s best nominee will almost certainly be someone from outside Washington who can credibly promise to change the culture of the place. That too is a much easier assignment when the other party controls Congress,” he wrote.

The Democrats have no clue how hated they are by the American people. All over the political spectrum, the Democratic Party has eviscerated the American people, their families, their culture, their economy, and their livelihoods. The Democrats are viewed as a cancer on our country because of the problems with the supply chain, the rising inflation, the $5 per gallon gas price in most locations, and the impending food shortages.

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