Want to Live Forever? Metaverse May Make It Possible to “Virtually Upload” the Human Brain

The idea of Facebook delving into our personal lives in order to construct algorithms that forecast our emotions and preferences is unsettling enough. However, the popular social media network is planning to launch a new and even stranger social media platform.

Facebook announced a name change to "Meta" in November. The new name also implies a significant change in how users will connect with one another. The Metaverse is a digitally created universe that is used to conceal our real world.

Metaverse users will be able to create virtual reality. Metaverse may not pique your attention if you're not a lover of different realms. One feature of the new virtual reality social networking site, however, must capture the attention of everybody, whether they are potential users or not.

And of course we have creepy Mark Zuckerberg working on a project that will be even creepier than his snoopy, privacy-invading Facebook platform. According to specialists that have studied Metaverse, individuals may be able to upload their brains to the platform in the future.

One wild-eyed Russian billionaire proclaims this as a way to eternal life. You just can’t take your physical body along for the ride. Dmitry Itskov has a lot of money. Evidently, he has so much money that he doesn’t quite know what to do with it all.

Itskov is part of a non-profit organization called the “2045 Initiative”. This is a group that purports to be working on methods to increase the human lifespan. Istkov’s group thinks that artificial bodies will be available by mid-century. This is a pretty radical concept.

The 2045 Initiative thinks that through artificial intelligence, and the new Metaverse technology, people will be able to upload their minds to the web. This could bring about the possibility of living forever. The ultimate concept is the ability to replicate your brain into an artificial machine.

Essentially, at least according to futurist Tom Cheesewright, we will “input our consciousness” into AI and VR robots. There’s an obvious tendency for bad people, usually with a lot of money, to manipulate and control things.

What happens when a bad person transfers their devious brain into an indestructible robot? Leave it to Zuckerberg to be part of something so creepy. From an innocent social media idea, the world might gain the ability to create a real-life Terminator. Now that’s truly terrifying.

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