Voters in Blue State So Fed Up with Crime Explosion, They May Elect a Republican Governor

Historically, Oregon has been a blue state. Since 1982, there hasn't been a Republican governor in office. After six consecutive Republican governorships between 1939 and 1957, the state underwent a change.

Republican control of Oregon's governorship was reinstated by Mark Hatfield and Tom McCall for a total of four terms in a row. But after that, a drastic change emerged. It started out slowly. From 1975 until 1979, Robert Straub was in office for one full term.

Only the tremendously popular Victor Atiyeh was able to pull authority away from the liberal trend that was growing in the state. The final Republican to be elected governor of Oregon was Atiyeh. But things might be about to change.

Because of the radical left-wing policies of the Democrat Party’s progressive leadership, Oregonians are fed up. They’ve had enough of looting and burning in their cities. They’re sick and tired of progressive policies that punish law-abiding citizens and kowtow to criminals.

Oregon’s voters are ready for a change. That change is Republican gubernatorial nominee Christine Drazan. Recently, Drazen pushed slightly ahead of her Democrat rival, Tina Kotek. Even unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson is said to have a chance in November.

However, out of the three women running for Oregon Governor, Christine Drazan is now the slight favorite. She has pushed an agenda that appeals to “kitchen table” problems her constituents are concerned about.

According to recent polls, Drazan has flipped Oregon from leaning Democrat to toss-up. Many believe, in light of how Republicans outperform polls in recent years, that Drazan is farther ahead than the numbers indicate. Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan thinks she’ll win.

How could a conservative take the governor’s race in a state where a Republican hasn’t been elected to that office in 40 years? Again, it’s progressive policies. They’re destroying Oregon just like they’re destroying America. Governor Hogan pointed to a 207 percent spike in crime.

Governor Hogan told America’s Newsroom, “Portland is a poster child for far-left policies run amuck.” Homelessness and rampant drug use are spattered all across the state, not just in Portland. He believes Drazan will win because, like Marylanders, Oregonians are fed up.

Americans are waking up to the reality that Democrats have a self-serving agenda. They do not care about crime. Democrats want open borders, wrought with drugs and criminal activity. Liberal policies believe Americans should do as they’re told.

What the government decides to teach children is of no concern to parents. Lawful gun ownership should be curtailed, if not abolished. The economic policies of the left benefit the elite. However, the same policies drive the middle and lower classes over the edge into poverty.

The left believes in socialism. That’s the foundation under each of the insane policies they push. Americans have had enough. They are going to send a loud message in November. The red wave didn’t lose momentum; it simply took a short pause.

Oregon electing a Republican governor in November will be an exclamation point on how Americans feel. We’re tired of the same old lies. It’s time for a change. Christine Drazan is going to be just one of many conservatives who begin taking our nation back, one state at a time.

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