Viral Video Proves that Three Black Men Attacking an Asian Man Was Not a Hate Crime

Too often, people jump to conclusions. Our brains have become dangerously pre-programmed to formulate many of these conclusions based on skin color or ethnicity. It’s referred to as racial profiling. It happens too often, regardless of the color of someone’s skin.

If they’re white, they’re labeled white supremacists. Every ethnicity suffers from unjustified racial profiling. A recent incident at a New York subway station was a textbook example. Three black men were involved in an altercation. The altercation was with an Asian New Yorker who was caught on video being held and beaten up in a New York subway by three black men. One media outlet reported it as though the men were picking on the Asian man for no reason because he was Asian and because they were black. But apparently that wasn't the whole story.

The immediate reaction might be to quickly assume this was an ethnic hate crime. Hundreds of Asians have been unjustly attacked in the last couple of years because of an ethnic association with the likely origins of COVID. However, this incident doesn’t appear to be anything close.

One of the black men in question was trying to hold on to the Asian man. Apparently, this Asian had just sexually assaulted a woman on the subway. While there’s no definitive proof of such an incident yet, it seems odd that a man would fabricate a story so bizarre.

The other two black men gave the Asian man a good butt whooping. Evidently, the three are not connected with one another. These types of issues surface far too often. As soon as people see skin color, they jump to wrong conclusions.

This time, the Asian man doesn’t deserve any sympathy. In fact, he may have gotten exactly what he deserved. The moral behind this story is to get all the facts before we make judgments. Practicing this easy principle would go a long way towards curing racial issues in America.

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