Video: Wound Vet Stop Using my Image for your ‘Propaganda’

Four-tour Iraq war veteran and comedian Bobby Henline demanded Monday that people stop using his image for “propaganda.”

Within a day of reports claiming that President Donald Trump called all wounded vets "losers" and "suckers" Henline’s face appeared on anti-Trump memes that used that message.

“Are we done lying to people yet?” he asked in a video Monday, demanding that his face not be used in “propaganda” to promote that agenda.

"Trump didn't call me a loser, this has got to stop," Henline said in the video.


According to WayneDupree

The Democrats couldn’t possibly sink any lower than they have, and trust me – the American people know it.

After pushing out this ridiculous and fake “anonymous” hit piece, claiming the president who has shown more support and love for the Military, called fallen vets “suckers and losers” a couple of years ago, they’re now using this lie in ads.

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