Video: UFC Fighter Punches Old Man Then Shouts Racial Slurs

The Lubbock Police Department is investigating an incident at a restaurant after a video surfaced of UFC fighter Mike Perry Punching an older man leaving him unconscious, and then shouting racial slurs.

According to the report, an argument started between Perry and another individual after the fighter believed the other person said something about his girlfriend then the two begin pushing each other before the manager broke them up.

The video shows Perry arguing with other people at the restaurant saying he had been touched. Perry starts to walk out before turning back around and arguing some more. Then an older man and Perry begin to exchange words then Perry looks at the man and says "I'll knock you out you fat piece of sh*t." before hitting him and knocking him unconscious.

According to DailyCaller

UFC fighter Mike Perry might be in some very serious trouble.

In a Twitter video posted Wednesday by @MMAEejit, Perry appeared to brutally punch an older man Tuesday night during a verbal altercation when he was told to leave a bar. Perry kept claiming in the video that somebody touched him, but it’s unclear how true that is or isn’t.

According to TMZ, the bar is Table 82 in Lubbock, Texas. TMZ also reported the man Perry allegedly punched was “unconscious” when police arrived. After allegedly hitting the older man, Perry sat down and started shouting racial slurs, and said to a man, “f**k you, n***a.”

Perry is also accused in the police report obtained by TMZ of allegedly striking his girlfriend. He hasn’t been arrested at this time. You can watch the insane carnage unfold below.

In case you thought Perry had something to say to defend himself, he apparently doesn’t! He simply tweeted Wednesday night, “No comment.”

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