Video: Trump Surprises Ex-Felon with Pardon at RNC Convention

Jon Ponder a convicted felon who started a program to help former prisoners re-enter society.

Jon's last charge was for felony bank robbery he said when he was in prison for that charge, he started reading the bible and listening to Christian radio. When Jon was released, he was soon visited by the very FBI agent that arrested him who heard what a change Jon made and wanted to let Jon know he was praying for him.

Jon and the FBI agent Richard are now best friends, and he helped Jon create one of the best re-entry programs for felon called hope for prisoners in Las Vegas and it has helped thousands re-enter society.

After President Trump's speech, he let Jon and Richard speak then surprised Jon and his wife with a full pardon.

According to WayneDupree

Jon Ponder is a man who has made a huge difference in this world.

He’s the type of guy that you look at, and you realize that everything does happen for a reason.

Jon went to prison when he was 16-years-old. And from that first arrest, until he was 37-years-old he was in and out of the system – destined to be just another statistic.

Mr. Ponder was arrested for a string of bank robberies.

He was facing possible life in federal prison, and it was at that moment, in that. the courtroom, before the judge, that Mr. Ponder made a “deal” with God that he would change his life and make a difference, and every single day since that moment he has done just that.

I encourage you to watch the video below. I did. And I am still crying. What an amazing story and inspiration this man is.


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