Video: This Clip Proves Joe Biden Is Not Fit For President

Everyone has been questioning the mental state of democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and many people believe that the 77-year-old former vice president has dementia. But experts at the UNC Department of Neurology said diagnosing dementia requires a comprehensive evaluation, including in-person tests.

Dementia is a brain disorder that results in declined cognitive performance. It can cause people to lose the ability to think, process, or judge information.

Although many of us believe Joe Biden is fighting dementia and is not fit for office, more people have questions about the 74-year-old Presiden Donald Trump’s fitness for office, according to several recent polls.

To me, this clip proves Donald Trump is way more mentally fit for office the Joe Biden will ever be.

According to Wayne Dupree

The most consequential election America has ever faced is just over 20 days away. And given the hyper-partisan state of our country, many have already made up their minds. In fact, some have already voted.

However, for those who remain uncertain about which direction you are going to go, let us remind you of the following.

While President Trump is often criticized for not being presidential, we encourage you to look at his administration’s performance.  That does not mean listening to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. That means doing just a little research on your own.  We promise you will come away with a very different take and a newfound appreciation for the president, particularly because of how much he is attacked by the media on a daily basis.

But even if you can’t get over your feelings about President Trump, whether they were inherent or forced upon you, a vote for Biden cannot be the solution.

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