Video: Tampa Police Rescue Woman Kidnapped by her EX-boyfriend

Florida police officers rescue a woman on Sunday after her ex-boyfriend kidnapped her from her apartment at gunpoint, stole her car, and held her hostage, authorities said.

Tyre Snead, 24, entered the victim's home at 5:45 am while she was sleeping. Snead woke the woman and a second victim, holding them at gunpoint while he demanded money and searched the woman’s purse, according to investigators.

Snead then forced the woman into a vehicle he had stolen from her and drove away. Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said officers later located Snead at his apartment where he held the woman hostage for more than four hours.

The Tampa Police Department released the officer's bodycam footage of the moments leading up to the rescue.

According to DailyMail

Police in Florida have released dramatic body camera footage showing the moment officers rescued a woman who they say was being held hostage by her ex-boyfriend following a kidnapping.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said that shortly before 6am on Sunday, Tyre Snead, 24, entered the home of his ex-girlfriend while she was asleep in her bed, woke her up at gunpoint and demanded money, rifled through her purse and forced her into her car, which he had stolen from her the day before.

According to police, Snead then drove the woman to his apartment and held her there against her will for more than four hours.

Officers were able to track down the suspect and arrived at his residence just after 10.20am that morning.

As police were in the process of evacuating the next-door apartment, Chief Dugan said Snead opened his front door and immediately shut it after seeing the cops.

'Tamps police, hands in the air!' officers shout as they pull out their service weapons and train them on Snead's apartment, as seen in the newly released body camera video.

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