Video: Security Guard Gunman Shoots Protester Dead in Denver

A private security guard is being held as a suspect for a deadly shooting near the Denver Art Museum. The security guard was hired by 9NEWS to protect and accompany staff at protests.

Police had deployed in large numbers for Saturday's rival rallies. When gunfire erupted at 3.37 pm local time, more than a dozen officers rushed to the scene to detain the shooter. The private security guard has been identified as 30-year-old Matthew Dolloff, and family members identified the victim as Lee Keltner.

Lee Keltner was pronounced dead after arriving at a local hospital.

Witnesses say that Keltner slapped Dolloff and then maced him before he was shot, and in the video, you can see a cloud of mace floating it the air.

According to DailyMail

The private security guard who allegedly shot and killed a right-wing 'Patriot Muster' protester outside the Denver Art Museum has been identified as 30-year-old Matthew Dolloff.

Dolloff, a Pinkerton contractor who was hired to serve as security for 9News, was arrested on suspicion of murder after he opened fire on the Patriot Muster protester who deployed mace at him during dueling rallies on Saturday afternoon.

Family members identified the victim as Lee Keltner, a grandfather and military veteran. Carol Keltner, who said she is the victim's mother, wrote on Facebook that her son was killed 'because he backed police'.

In images snapped by a Denver Post photographer, Keltner appeared to slap Dolloff and then deployed a stream of mace into his face before the guard lifted his handgun and fired, sending the protester staggering backward.

Dolloff immediately surrendered to riot police who rushed in to arrest him seconds after the gunshot rang out. He is currently being held without bond on a charge of first-degree murder, according to jail records.

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