Video: Rudy Giuliani Acts Out Full ‘My Cousin Vinny’ Scene A Press Conference

Rudy Giuliani President Donald Trump's campaign lawyer acted out a scene from “My Cousin Vinny” to showcase one of his arguments about alleged voter fraud during the presidential election.

Rudy Giuliani compared a “My Cousin Vinny” scene, in which a supposed witness was proven to have bad vision, to Republican poll watchers during a press conference Thursday.

“Did you all watch 'My Cousin Vinny?' " Giuliani said. "It’s one of my favorite law movies because he comes from Brooklyn." then he acted out the scene and said, “These people were further away than my cousin Vinny was from the witness, they couldn’t see a thing.”

According to USA Today

"My Cousin Vinny" director Jonathan Lynn is reacting after Rudy Giuliani gave a shout-out to the film during a heated press conference on Thursday.

During the conference, the former New York City mayor and lawyer to President Donald Trump described a scene from the 1992 film in order to illustrate how Republicans poll watchers were allegedly barred from properly viewing the vote count.

“Did you all watch 'My Cousin Vinny?' " Giuliani said. "It’s one of my favorite law movies because he comes from Brooklyn."

The lawyer then went on to recall a scene in which Vinny Gambini, played by Joe Pesci, asks a witness how many fingers he's holding up as he stands 100 feet away from her. In the scene, the witness says he's holding up four, when he's only holding up two.

"These people were further away than 'My Cousin Vinny' was from the witness," Giuliani said of the poll watchers. "They couldn't see a thing."

Following the conference, Lynn contrasted Pesci's character with Giuliani in a statement to USA TODAY.

"Vinny may have been argumentative and belligerent but he was good-hearted and honest," the director said. "Rudy, not so much."

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