Video: Rioter Hits Cop In The Head With A Bat

The video shows officers on bikes riding away from the area when rioters knock one of the officers off his bike. As the officer tries to get up rioter grab his bike trying to take it and others throw traffic cone at him while people laugh and cheer in the background.

The officer sprays what looks like pepper spray at the rioter grabbing his bike as he tries to drag his bike and get away from the scene. That's when someone comes up from behind the officer with a baseball bat and hits him very hard in the head in the head. People cheer and scream, one man saying, as the cop retreats, "let's get that f***ing guy, let's get him!"

This officer is so lucky he had his helmet on. If he didn't a blow like that to the head could have killed him.

According to TheSun

The footage, which was shared to Twitter on Thursday, shows people standing on the side of the street with their middle-fingers pointed at cops as they rode their bikes through the street.

One cop appeared to have come off his bike before the attack, however the video doesn't capture what caused the officer to fall on the ground.

As the officer stands up, a bystander is seen throwing an orange traffic cone at the cop - which prompted the officer to spray pepper spray at his assailant.

A few moments later, a gas-mask-wearing protester runs over to the cop - as the officer attempts to pull his bike from someone - and swings a bat at the back of his head.

The attack appeared to be unprovoked.

The incident happened as Breonna Taylor riots erupted across the cities of Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon.

Taylor, a 26-year-old African-American woman, was accidently shot dead by police at her home in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 13.


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