Video Resurfaces of Nobel Prize Winning Inventor of PCR Testing SLAMMING Anthony Fauci - "He Doesn't Know Anything"

For practically the last year, Americans have been held hostage by predominantly one man, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

We've let one man basically tell everyone what to do regarding the virus. Don't wear masks. Wear masks. Don't go anywhere. Don't see anyone. Wear two masks even if you've already had the virus and/or have received a vaccine.

Millions of people followed the advice from Dr. Anthony Fauci blindly. He was perceived as the knower-of-all-things about what we needed to do to stop the spread of this newly discovered virus that was killing thousands by the day.

Turns out, not everyone bought Fauci's proclaimed mastery of immunology as an end-all answer to how we needed to react to the latest viral killer. One person who questioned Fauci's self-proclaimed expertise has earned high-accolades as a true expert with such viruses.

Kary Mullis won the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for inventing a testing procedure that is being used to help diagnose (forbidden illness) cases. Mullis invented the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing procedure. Mullis's assessment of Fauci goes back nearly 30 years.

In 1993, Dr. Anthony Fauci was doing similar things when the harsh reality of the AIDS virus was exploding. Mullis viewed Fauci as an administrative figure-head, going on TV to spread misinformation to the American public. He simply didn't have a clue.

Mullis had a problem with Fauci's expertise then, as he does today when the good doctor boasts of his prognosis for what American's need to be doing to "flatten the curve". Mullis doesn't feel Fauci knows anything about anything.

The problem becomes more apparent when we analyze chunks of Fauci's noble advice on the most recent global health crisis. Do we wear masks, or don't we wear masks? Fauci has made numerous excuses for why he's contradicted himself on that advice.

Just about any American paying attention will remember how it was going to take two-weeks to flatten the curve. We've been a lot longer than two-weeks into this China-born world catastrophe. In hindsight, it sometimes seems Dr. Fauci was talking just to hear himself talk.

We can take Mullis's educated suspicions about Fauci's knowledge on face value, or we can add evidence to this opinion. Ever wonder why Fauci hasn't sat down with anyone who disagrees with his prognosis and debated the subject?

Mullis contends it's because he knows he'd be exposed. There is a lot of visual and recorded evidence of Dr. Anthony Fauci making poor decisions and saying things that turned out to be wrong. Has he been lying all along?

If you have any suspicions about government leaders using misfortune about a global health crisis to ram through an authoritarian agenda, just look at how much manipulation has come out of the mouth of their lead expert. Kary Mullis doesn't think Dr. Fauci knows what he's talking about, and sadly for America, the evidence seems to prove him correct.

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