Video: Officer Hit Rioter In The Groin With Foam-Coated Projectile

Police say they are investigating a use of force incident that happened at a riot in California when an officer fired a foam-coated projectile into the groin of a male protester on Saturday.

The incident happened on June 2nd, in the midst of a city-wide riot that erupted after the death of George Floyd.

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Police Department released bodycam footage of the incident. In the video, you can see officers charging at the rioters trying to push them back from the intersection, and you can also see an officer pushing a rioter who was not wanting to move and the officer snatched a sign out of his hands then you see another officer walk up and fire the foam projectile at him which hit him directly in the groin.

You can see the stress the officer are under in the video as you hear some of the officers yelling, "bottles" warning other officers that the protesters are throwing bottles at them and you can hear an officer on the radio calling in that the rioters are throwing rocks at them.

According to BuzzFeed

The Los Angeles Police Department on Friday released a body camera video showing a Los Angeles police officer shoot a protester in the groin with a less-lethal device during a protest against police brutality in June.

The protester, 28-year-old Ben Montemayor, previously told the Los Angeles Times that he suffered serious injuries to his testicles after being shot with the foam projectile. In an Instagram post on June 7, Montemayor said that he had to have emergency surgery or risk losing his right testicle entirely.

The LAPD began investigating the use-of-force incident after the LA Times reported that Montemayor and other protesters were injured by officers during demonstrations in May and June.

On Friday, the department released body camera footage showing officers grabbing a large sign from Montemayor, shoving him backwards, and shooting him in the groin at close range with a 40mm less-lethal launcher while his hands were in the air.

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