Video of Pilot Exposing What's Really Going on with Flight Cancelations Goes Viral

Earlier this week, we learned about the massive number of flights that have been canceled recently.

The airlines have been trying to say that it's because of weather and maybe some people calling in sick, but that's not what's really going on. The airlines are just trying to claim that it's the weather so they can make it seem like nothing is wrong and to cover their butts with flight cancelations.

Now, a video of one of the pilots has gone viral because he is really telling the true story of what's happening as more and more flights are being canceled even today.

He says in the video:

"I've been an airline pilot for 18 years and now I'm facing an ultimatum. Not a choice, but an ultimatum. I’ve been told that in order to continue my career as an airline pilot I must be vaccinated, which really means I have to choose between putting food on the table for my family, and my freedom of choice."

"We go around the world spreading ideas of freedom and democracy. We help other countries and people fight for their freedoms while ours are being stripped away. You may think being forced to wear a mask or give vaccination is insignificant, but when you begin to compile, mandate after mandate and loss of freedom after freedom, it becomes very significant."

Here's the video that was released on TikTok:

Everything he says is true, but one of the biggest things that we need to hold onto is the fact that if we keep this pace up, our children and grandchildren will not have anywhere near the freedoms that we have now, much less what we had 15 or 20 years ago. And if we just sit by idly and not do anything to preserve our freedoms, then we're the ones to blame. We have every power and authority that we need to change fix our government, we just have to wake enough people up to do it.

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