Indoctrination Shows Vicious Cycle After What This Mother Did To Her Son

A video of a mom is going Viral after she freaks out and starts yelling at her son when she figured out he didn't vote for Joe Biden. His sister recorded the whole thing after their mother started yelling; she pulled out her phone and recorded it.

The whole thing starts after they went out to vote, and on their way to get breakfast Chris the son told his mother he voted independent. Then his mother, Crystal, freaks out on him and starts yelling at him. Chris replies to his mother with "Stop worshipping these people like they're f**king gods."

Chris's grandmother was also on the phone with his mother, and you can hear both his mother and grandmother on the phone asking him "why would you do that?"

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According to BuzzFeed

A teenager's video of her mom's response to learning her son voted independent has gone viral on TikTok, with many viewers relating to her anxiety amid an uncertain election result.

A teenager named Kennedy filmed the video, which features her mom, Crystal, having an intense discussion with her son, Chris. Their grandmother, Belinda, was also listening on the phone.

In the video, Chris says to his mom, "Stop worshipping these people like they're f**king gods."

"Ain't nobody worshipping them, but goddammit, Chris, we need somebody in there with motherf**king sense," Crystal responds. "Chris, why would you do that?"

Kennedy told BuzzFeed News her family went to go vote together. (She couldn't vote, though, because she isn't 18 yet.) She said that before voting they had discussed that Chris would vote for former vice president Joe Biden.

Kennedy said she always records things when something starts to happen — so when she heard yelling, she started recording.

Featured Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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