Video: Mob Crashes Ceremony Honoring Pelosi

On Thursday in San Francisco, the Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi was receiving a lifetime achievement award when a mob of protesters swarmed ballroom and the building outside. The San Fransisco Chronical reports:

“Impeach Trump now!” shouted activists, who initially had been quietly seated in the audience. One woman, Thais Marques, screamed into the packed room that her “people are being killed by white supremacists” across the country. She demanded action from Pelosi. Another activist said, “We are your constituents.”

Pelosi supporters tried to drown out the activists, chanting, “Let her speak” and waving signs of Pelosi’s face superimposed onto Rosie the Riveter’s likeness. Others opted to say “hush” in deep, hoarse voices, while others screamed, “Sit down!”

Pelosi continued with her remarks and remarked that the energy in the ballroom was “making me feel right at home,” a remark that was met with cheers from the crowd.

During the demonstration that continued outside one of the protesters screamed:

"Speaker Pelosi is right inside about to receive a lifetime achievement award, but her legacy is at a crossroads. While Donald Trump empowers white supremacists who are gunning down our communities, locks up migrant children and families in concentration camps, strips away health care protections for transgender people, and cuts millions of women off of accessing health care from Planned Parenthood.”

Police did remove the protesters from the ballroom however, there were no reports of any arrests.

Pelosi has come under fire from radicals in her own party demanding that President Trump be impeached. Pelosi recently said, “We will proceed when we have what we need to proceed — not one day sooner. Everybody has the liberty and the luxury to espouse their own position and to criticize me for trying to go down the path in the most determined, positive way,” the California Democrat added. “Again, their advocacy for impeachment only gives me leverage.”

Actually, you don’t have any leverage Nancy and the truth is you are fighting to hold onto power. However, it is really fun to see these progressives losing their minds and ruin Nancy’s day. You can watch part of the protest below. If you have trouble viewing the video CLICK HERE.


San Fransisco Chronical

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