Video: Massive Fight Breaks Out Between Biden Supporters and BLM Protesters

A Black Live Matter protester punches a female Joe Biden supporter in the face several times when a Biden celebration rally clashed with a few Black Lives Matter protesters in Madison, Wisconsin.

In the video, you see a man looking for his phone getting very angry, then the man turns violent without warning and starts punching the woman in the holding him back in the face several times. The rally then turns into chaos as people follow the two fightings watching them as police try to break them up.

After the fight breaks out a woman of speakers tries to calm everyone down. Then the crowd turns on the police for arresting the man who started the fight in the first place.

According to Wayne Dupree

With the media claiming victory in a presidential race that hasn’t even concluded, thousands of Biden supporters clamored to the streets to celebrate. Their candidate had won, although there is mounting evidence of election meddling and voter fraud throughout key states like Pennsylvania and Michigan. But those are just technicalities to the Democratic fan base. So, what did they do to celebrate? How about throwing haymakers and assaulting a fellow Biden supporter?

The incident took place during a celebration rally in Madison, Wisconsin. And remember, this is all taking place during a pandemic that the Democrats said would kill millions of people, yet here they are, celebrating in the streets with no care for the countless lives they cried for just weeks ago. Still, the happy celebration turned violent as a Biden supporter confronted another rally-goer and what happened next is anything but Democratic.

In the video below, you can see dozens of Biden supporters celebrating his premature victory over President Donald Trump. There are even several supporters holding signs that say “socialists believe black lives matter” and the plain Biden/Harris campaign Logo.


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